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[04.13.17] SF May Offer To Buy Home From Owners Impacted By Flooding 

[01.20.17] Sewer Seeps Into San Francisco Mission Terrace Neighborhood Again 

[01.20.17] Burst of Rain Overwhelms Sewer at 17th and Folsom Streets 

[12.10.15] Residents Worry Storm Will Reignite San Francisco Sewage Problem

[12.09.15] Community Voices: Homeowners Affected By Flooding Only Want Solutions­­, Not Sandbags—This Holiday Season

[11.23.15] SF Homeowners, Businesses Frustrated with Flooding Sewage System

[11.09.15] Ew: Rain Bubbling Sewage in SF ‘Hood, Neighbors Say

[11.05.15] Human Cost Rises as Old Bridges, Dams and Roads Go Unrepaired

[11.04.15] San Francisco business owner preparing for El Niño

[10.30.15] SFPUC to 17th and Folsom: Prepare for More Flooding

[10.30.15] City to Flooded Residents: We Can’t Fix Floods

[10.30.15] Just In Time For ‘Godzilla El Niño’, City Says It Can’t Prevent Repeated Flooding

[10.15.15] December winter rain storm costing city more than $6M 

[10.14.15] Shit Storm: Why won’t SF stop flooding homes with sewage? ***FEATURE STORY*** 

[10.09.15] Residents of Mission Terrace Outraged by City Gov’t Lax Response to Sewer System Failure

[08.28.15] Flood Victims Take City to Court for Damages

[08.21.15] Property Owners Sue SF Over Flood Damage

[08.21.15] San Francisco Residents of Flood-Damaged Neighborhood Sue City

[08.20.15] Residents of flood-prone SF areas sue city

[07.27.15] Worse than ’97-98?! New El Niño growing into monster

[02.19.15] Mission Terrace Homes Flood Again

[02.05.15] What Can NYC Learn from San Francisco’s Last Wild Creeks?

[01.11.15] Flood Damage San Francisco

[12.25.14] Low-lying neighborhood flooded again, despite S.F.’s promise

[12.19.14] Residents near Glen Park Canyon area continue flood clean-up

[12.03.14] 2 sinkholes open up on San Francisco streets during rainstorm

[02.27.13] Early Morning Water Main Break Leaves Giant Sinkhole In West Portal

[12.01.10] Flood Control and Stormwater Management Program

[06.01.10] Islais Creek Struggles to be Reborn

[04.16.10] What Can SF Learn from Other Cities’ Urban Water Projects?

[04.14.10] The Lure of the Creeks Buried Beneath San Francisco’s Streets

[04.09.10] Bay Area Cities Rediscover the Creeks Under Their Streets

[11.29.04] Daylighting Islais Creek: A Feasibility Study



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