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San Francisco has combined sewers, which means pipes underneath city streets carry both sewage and storm runoff. The City’s century-old sewer system is not up to standards. Many of SF’s sewer system still use old clay pipes, a flood-prone combination that threatens countless homes and businesses. This system, which can sometimes be overwhelmed in minimal rain, has remained largely untouched even as the City has grown in size and density. Above are the worse hit areas currently known to Solutions Not Sandbags.

This INFRASTRUCTURE / DEVELOPMENT issue spans over FIVE DECADES affecting at least FOUR districts. Although a Sewer Bond measure, Proposition B, passed in 1964, the sewers in working-class neighborhoods have instead been neglected in favor of catering affluent neighborhoods. Earmarked funds in public SFPUC records clearly show reallocation to projects upstream!

When will elected city officials act ?!? Perhaps, when the entire system ruptures leaving one of America’s wealthiest cities submerged in raw sewage — leaving children, seniors, and adults vulnerable to health risks ?!?


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Cayuga Ave at Glen Park – Mission Terrace. The entire 2 mile avenue is susceptible to sewer failures.

In 2004/05, 2014, and 2017 a storm caused flooding and damage on Cayuga Avenue. Raw sewage spewed from manholes and drains inside the homes.

17th St. & Folsom

Homes and businesses near 17th St. & Folsom regularly flood during minimal rains, leaving dozens of real property and cars damaged. 

Alemany & Folsom

Alemany & Folsom regularly flood during minimal rains. This is the first area affected which then triggers Cayuga Ave soon after sewer backups.

15th Ave. & Wawona

In 2013 a ruptured water main sent a waist high wall of sewage rushing down the street, flooding homes and leaving behind a deep sinkhole on 15th Avenue. Sewer drains are captured on video releasing raw sewage, an expected occurrence when minimal rain is forecast.

Ingleside Terrace

Frontage Rd and Junipero Serra Blvd on the west side of Ingleside Terraces. Neighbors in this area constantly have their properties flood for years when storms are long and intense. The failed sewer system is a citywide problem that our officials fail to address and fix.








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